Two Medicine

Founded by musician and producer Paul Alexander, after a year-long break from music following Midlake’s tour for 2013’s Antiphon. “I wanted to find out if I could write songs and if I could sing them – basically, whether or not I could make an album on my own,” he asks. Over 15 months of writing, arranging and recording (in Midlake’s old studio in Denton), he got his answer. From the early reference points of Pet Sounds, dream-pop and pre–Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd, Astropsychosis blossomed into a very modern exploration of sound and psychedelia.


Brooklyn Vegan


Fractured Air: Interview

Fractured Air: Guest Mixtape


No More Workhorse



The Line of Best Fit


Imprintet Review

Photo byWim Hermans
Photo byWim Hermans
Photo by Giorgia De Dato
Photo by Stephanie Augello
Photo byWim Hermans